Players of Phantasia, it has come to our attention that a certain player has been abusing loopholes of the game engine to create super characters. Not only did he fail to report these loopholes to the Game Wizards, he compounded his felony by using his ill-gotten gains to destroy legal, innocent characters of other players.

After destroying all super-characters of this player that we could find, we, the Game Wizards, do hereby proclaim the following policy to be in effect:

  • The Game Wizards will do their best to maintain a balanced, challenging game.
  • In return for this effort, the players are responsible for reporting bugs and loopholes that clearly unbalance the game. Examples include : ways to become valar in 3000 moves, ways to make millions of gold in a short time, ways to become king without a crown, etc.
  • If a player abuses a bug/loophole, fails to report it to the wizards, and makes them go through the trouble of finding it out, all of the offending player's characters that are even remotely suspicious will be VAPORIZED (deleted).
  • If a player discovers a bug/loophole, reports it, and abuses it, only characters that clearly benefit from the abuse will be vaporized.
  • If a player discovers a bug/loophole and reports it immediately without taking further action to abuse that loophole, no action will be taken. We reserve the right to reduce the character to a state before the loophole in case of severe imbalance, but more likely than not, the player will keep his/her gains as a reward for their cleverness and honesty.


  • Only players who have been hurt by server error or illegal characters may apply for restoration within one week (seven days) of the loss. Talk to a Wizard or, if one is not on, ask an Apprentice to send a message to the Wizard.

    WARNING: If you consistently submit restoration requests that are not supported by the game logs, you will be BANNED for at least one day.

  • Players that have been hurt through normal play such as dying to monsters, dying from other angry players, etc. will not be restored.

    WARNING: If you repeatedly pester the wizards to restore a character that died normally, you will be BANNED for some time.

Note that we are not requiring that you tell us your strategies for playing the game. It is just that if you think something is seriously wrong with game balance, let us know! You will never gain from hiding information.

We hope that this policy will clarify the justice that we seek : cheaters will not prosper, and players who play fair will not suffer.

Miles, Game Wizard

Alatar, Game Wizard

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